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Match № 7

The match № 7, group stage, second tournament day

BELGIUM – ITALY 0:1 (0:0)

January 6th, 2013, Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 1500 spectators

Referees: Alexey Amenin, Yegor Bolkhovitin, Ivan Kichimasov

Belgium: Pirard, Rivituso (Van Der Heyden, 67), Spryut (c), Haagen (Van Den Ackerveken), Yasar, Hendrickx, Raeymaekers (Van De Geuchte), Reuten (Pierre, 36, Decuypere, 67), Mauclet (Borah-Sasar, 60), Mertens, Allegria

Head coach: Van Geersom Marc

Italy: Gollini (c), Venuti, Barreca, Cannataro (Rosa Gastaldo, 49), Monteleone, Iotti (Cortinovis, 82), Fazzi (Barlocco, 90), Casteletto, Petagna, Crecco, Ferrante (De Girolamo, 68)

Head coach: Evahi Alberico

Goals: Petagna (47)

Yellow cards: Reuten (19)

Best players: Frederik Spryut, Petagna Andrea

After match comments

Head coach of the team Belgium Van Geersom Marc:

– This was not the first time when we played with the Italian team and I can say that they are very strong. It was possible to compete with them only when the score was 0:0 but when we let them score, it was impossible to change the situation. We had 3 weeks break, 10 of our players couldn't come and the rest of the team is not in good shape yet. For example, the player № 13 who went for substitution could play for 30 minutes only and then got injured and couldn't play any longer. I specially used almost all the limit of substitutions to see all my sportsmen in the game. All players wouldn't be able to stand for the whole 90 minutes. However we were lucky today and the goalkeeper saved us from many goals. We tried to stand our ground and not to let the Italian team to score but as you could see, we didn't succeed.

Head coach of the team Italy Evahi Alberico:

– For me it's a pleasure to be back to St. Petersburg. We want to fight for our title, but it will be not easy. The team is still not framed; the players have spent just a little time together, so we will frame the game as the tournament goes. And nevertheless we are eager to stand up for our title. Today's match has been interesting. We've already played with team Belgium 3 times, the victory being once ours and once theirs. Today we turned up stronger again. It was exciting to test ourselves in such a game. I'm pleased with the goal scored by Petagna. He is important for us, he is a good player. But he had been suspended from the team for six months for a behavior that we don't accept in our team. Now he's back and his playing proves that we need him.

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