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Match № 25

The match № 25, play-off round, seventh tournament day


January 11th, 2013, Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 150 spectators

Referees: Anton Batalov, Ivan Abrosimov, Alexander Dobrolyubov

Czech Republic: Krasny, Shevchik, Richter, Kaiser (Vondra), Hrdlicka (Shashinka, 65), Michna (Prosek, 61), Kratochvil, Held (Brosh, 46), Hulka (c), Matushek (Kadlec, 53), Shpavelko

Head coach: Josef Csaplar

Slovenia: Golubovich, Reja, Vuklisevic, Jazbec, Hotic, Benedicic, Sauprl (Rudonja, 64), Crnigoj (Gasser, 71), Stojanovic, Andrijasic (Klemencic, 55), Curk (Corn, 30)

Head coach: Milos Kostic

Goals: Hrdlicka (21), Benedicic (45), Brosh (90)

Yellow cards: Andrijasic (20), Benedicic (22), Reja (40), Stojanovic (67), Shashinka (73), Corn (84)

Red cards: Reja (66, 2nd yellow card)

Best players: Kratochvil Lukash, Jazbec Rok

After match comments

Head coach of the team Czech Republic Josef Csaplar:

– I'm satisfied with the result. We played good, and we won to play for the 5-6 places. I'm glad that each game in this tournament was interesting; there were no boring or occasional games. Today we were trying to play effectively, using combinations, but it was hard to break Slovenian defence line. And yet we didn't make long-distance shots because we were playing on combinating.

Head coach of the team Slovenia Milos Kostic:

– The Czechs were playing a good football today. What for us, it was hard to inspire our players after we've taken the second place in the group. We couldn't control the ball and we yielded in the center of the field, although we had chances. But the guys are tired already. Matches go one by one and sometimes we couldn't play as good as it should be. My players got all the yellow and red cards because of being exhausted. The same reason is for letting in the goal during the last minutes of the match. But that was a good experience for them. It will help them to become more professional.

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