Match № 12

The match № 12 (first group stage), second tournament day


January 4th, 2015, St. Petersburg,  2500 spectators

Referees: Igor Panin, Andrey Kuzhelev, Aleksey Manin

Greece: Katsimitros, Giataganakis, Angelopoulos (c) (Patralis,87), Melissopoulos (Kakko, 75), Grosios (Regkakos, 81), Moraitis, Tzinovitis, Retsos, Plegas (Lamprou, 60), Karakoutis, Kesidis

Head coach: Ioannis Goumas

St. Petersburg: Kizeev, Krugovoy (Smirnov, 87), Starikov (c), Novopashin (Ivanov I., 27), Tiaglo (Romanov, 59), Andreev, Kosolapov, Garibov (Martirosian, 67), Slaschev, Vodiannikov, Kutsero (Maykov, 73)

Head coach: Vladimir Kazachenok

Goals: Angelopoulos (8, pen.), Andreev (37), Karakoutis (42), Martirosian (68, pen.)

Yellow cards: Grosios (26), Tiaglo (49)

Best players: Retsos Panagiotis, Danil Krugovoy


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After match comments

Head coach of team Greece Ioannis Goumas:

– In general, I liked the match. Players were following my instructions, creating sharp moments, but failed many of them. I can say we needed some fortune today, still I'm satisfied with the game.

– You were very emotional during the match, is it your constant condition on football?

– For sure, I always react emotionally on football matches. It is a game and there must be emotions. I think the coach of St.Petersburg had the same feelings.

– It is nice to see the champion of Europe 2004 and legend of "Panatinaikos" here and the question is: in both matches your team had scored and had been leading, but at the same time you let in 2 balls every time. Does it mean that attack of Greece is stronger than defense for today?

– We work with this team only for one month. I try to use new schemes. I don't think, that defense is weaker than attack or vice versa. It means that we should be more attentive in defensive line and try to use our chances in attack.

– Your players look older than their opponents from other teams. Does the fact that Greek players reach manhood faster gives any advantage?

– We have very good climate and food in Greece. Our guys grow up strong and healthy. We know how to add emotions and skills to this base – that is the result.

– Today one of your players had problems with throwing in. Is it his faults or the cavils of referee?

– No. It turned out that our №2 does not know how to throw the ball in. We will train this element, spend personal lessons.

Head coach of team St. Petersburg Vladimir Kazachenok:

– Within these tournament matches are always very stressful. Here, according to the regulations, we can't afford to lose points at all. Thus, Greece has lost yesterday, changed their staff for 90% and today they had a very important game. That is why the game was a real play-off.

– In refer to what you used an early substitute?

– The player failed to follow coach's demands from the very beginning.

– You've started to watch a game from the fourth raw of the bench and in the second half you moved further to the pitch. Was it more convenient to shout out instructions to the team?

– You'd better follow the game, not me. I would never trust my instructions to anyone. To be serious, I gave opportunity to my assistants, when the second half demanded for the vital instructions, so I moved further.

– Players of Petersburg football schools are participating in national team of Russia. Would you like to have them here, in the team of Saint-Petersburg?

– Of course, I would, they are strong players. But no one knows how they would act in our team. Our players started the game a little bit nervous, they were afraid of the pitch, amount of spectactors, the opponent. But then they got used to the atmosphere. I don't say that they dominated, neither lost. The target was to deprive Greece of its space and they succeeded.

– You've named the player with number 5 to be the best player of the game. His game was similar to Philipp Lahm manner. Can you tell a bit more about him? Was he the left wing defender from the beginning?

– Yes, he was. Moreover, he is the younger player – 1998 year of birth.

– Why did you named "the best" him, nor the goalkeeper?

– I was asked about the best player 5 minute prior to the whistle, while the goalkeeper showed himself at the added time. Of course, I would name the goalkeeper to be the best one.

– The next match result that is relevant for you is a victory. Is it good or bad?

– I've already told guys, that the regulations force us to fight for the victory at the very single game. We have no choice, we would play to win. Just let us to count healthy players, and tomorrow we would try to do things we failed to accomplish today.

– Both goals were scored from free kicks, nor at the game. Any issues with forwards?

– We focuced to gain the ball closer to the opponent's goal area. We faced Greek players closed to their half of the field. If you remember, we had sharp moment at first minute, when center forward's bend was accomplished as we trained it, but we failed to score. So we seek that. Of course, we wanted to score at the game, but many of the participants marked the bad quality of the pitch that is slow and crumpy, only few managed to undertake fast combinations.


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